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Hi, I’m Jen, a freelance graphic designer based in New York City.
(Which means I tend to be influenced by everything around me, from the architecture and skyscrapers in Manhattan to the multicultural people of Brooklyn.)


Being a Queens native, I’m always surrounded by what I call a mix of clean and cluttered, from in-your-face posters and flyers to elegant storefronts that light up the night. Everywhere you look, you’re met with a rich culture that’s unlike any other. Just walking up a few blocks on Main Street, Flushing to Roosevelt Avenue, you’ll see a dynamic shift in culture, music, language and atmosphere, and that’s exactly what I absorb and infuse into my work. By using color, photography, typography and minimalist principles, I don’t just design—I communicate. After all, that’s what design is all about.


As a designer and innovator, my job involves going above and beyond the limits and being efficient and resourceful, all the while creating work that’s unique, yet timeless. It’s about designing solutions to every problem and figuring out ways to help you stand out from the competition. When you’re able to communicate visually who you are both as a business and as a person, that just makes the next step that much easier.


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Freelance Design | Feb 2018 - Present
City Jeans Premium

Freelance Designer | April 2018
Chrisha Captures

Digital Designer | June 2016 - Present
Fullbeauty Brands | Roaman’s

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